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Paid to click (PTC) / Paid to Read (PTR): this program will pay you for clicking / reading advertisements.


 Paid to Promote (PTP): this program will pay you to promote their website.
Paid to Signup (PTS): this program will pay you to signup on websites.

Payments are usually made to a
PayPal or Payza account.
This is the easiest method to make money online and no skills or energy needed, just click and view 5-30 seconds!
Here you will find the best and top trusted PTC, PTR, PTP, PTS sites, surfbars, traffic exchanges and many other great income opportunities.
Please always read the TOS on the sites!

Register to the sites listed and start earning MONEY NOW!!!

If you sign up: -> please make sure you type your referral is geryari

-> please let me know on the Twitter, because some sites simply "forget" to give me the new refs! Thanks!


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Best paying PTC sites


Per Click

Ref Click

Cashout / Time


$ 0.001-$ 0.015
+ Minijobs + NeoPoints + AdPrize, etc.
Dir.: $ 0.001
Rent:$ 0.005
$ 2.00 / Instant

min. 8

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Per Click

Ref Click

Cashout / Time

0.001- 0.002

+Paid Emails

0.001 5.00 min. 8

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RefbackBank is the best refback site on the internet

They always add a lot of sites. They pay mostly 70% of that what you earned for them + 10% after ref clicks.

Earnings Example

Ø    You joined any bux site offers 1c per referral click
Ø  You clicked 100 ads = $1
Ø  RefbackBank offers 70% of your earnings
Ø  You earned 70c extra from RefbackBank
Ø  You earn totally $1.7 per 100 clicks

+ $0.20 sign up bonus

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Low cashout sites No Minimum Payout

Low cashout $ 1.00 / each 2 weeks

5 level referral system (5% - 4% - 3% - 2% - 1%)

PTC, PTP, PTR, PTS, Point2Click, Paid Email; lot of Ads all the day, Contests,
Games, Lotto and more...

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FREE traffic exchange

"C'mon! It Can't Be THIS EASY To Get Free Traffic To My Site Day After Day...
Can It?"



Ø was launched on January 13, 2003 and is still paying, AMAZING!!!

Ø 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Ø Manual Surfing

Ø 20 seconds or more per visit

Ø Guaranteed unique hits 24 hours a day

Ø 5 levels referral program (10%-5%-3%-2%-1%)

Ø Receive cash for active surfing ($0.30 for 1000 sites viewed)

Ø Geo Targeting of your ads

Ø You can promote up to 15 sites

Ø Surfing and referral contests

Ø 50 free credits & 500 text ad impressions upon sign-up (after you surf 50 sites)

Ø Promote your site with unlimited banners and text ads                     ...and much more - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

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Ø Earn FREE Credits and Traffic
Ø Earn FREE Referral Credits

Ø Bonus!   ...and much more


Other income, affiliate programmes


 iPhone 4S

Fancy to earn an easy £20?

We can both earn in the Bring a friend to award-winning O2 Home
Broadband program

If you sign up, we both get £20 to spend at either, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, or to give to charity. Or an Xbox LIVE 12 month Gold

Please read the Terms and conditions!





Then get cashback!

TopCashBack - Free CashBack Site, UK only!

Ø Free Cashback website, which Passes 100% money back to its Members for Free from over 1,000 merchant stores.
Cashback websites pay you when you click through them, go to retailers or product providers and spend.

Ø What's more, there is another great money making opportunity on the site called 'Free Cashback' where you can complete quick and easy tasks, for example something a bit like PTC, etc. no spend required!

Ø Also Printable Discounts and Top Voucher Codes for hotels, groceries, flowers, computing, mobile, electronics, car, flight, etc.

Ø in-store cashback with mobile App         ...and much more

Ø REFERRAL PROGRAM: TopCashBack offers a referral program. If you get a friend to sign up to use TopCashBack and they actually use it, you can get a £10 referral fee.

Payment method: bank transfer or PayPal.

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Then get up to 26% cashback!

Wow - it's true,
Ebates actually pays you to shop on the internet. For example, if you click through a shopping or a coupon site to get to an internet store,
that site will get some kickback, usually 2-5% of whatever you purchase.
Ebates gives you a way to get some of that money back.

The site itself is pretty well organized and it is usually pretty easy to find out if a store you are interested in participates in Ebates.
Hundreds of stores participate in
Ebates so there is a good chance you will find what you are looking for. The thing to remember is that you have to click through the Ebates site. The other way Ebates saves you money is to offer coupons.

REFERRAL PROGRAM: Ebates offers a referral program. If you get a friend to sign up to use Ebates and they actually use it, you can get a $5 referral fee.

$5 sign up bonus! Payment method: check or PayPal.



 these bonuses!

Refer more and earn one of


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In the current economic climate it’s a wise move to cut back on non-essential purchases such as National Lottery tickets – however the launch of a clever
new search engine, Search Lotto, means that you don’t have to give up your hopes of a lottery windfall. 

Partnered by Yahoo!, Search Lotto provides a new way to play the National Lottery for free. UK internet users are rewarded with one free UK National
Lottery entry for every 25 searches made through the site, joining a syndicate of ten players.  Users can even print off their ticket to enjoy the moment
of checking their numbers.

Using a feed from a major search engine ensures that search results from Search Lotto compare with those from any of the market leaders.  Funded
by advertising partners, the site is completely free for all users, with no membership or registration costs.

You will be amazed how much money you can save this way!



Make your own website for absolutely FREE!





 CO.CC:Free Domain

Get Free .Co.CC Domain name. No Ads

Web Hosting

I think this information can be useful for you. If you plan to get your website, here is one good
free web hosting provider to choose -
They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and
100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing and easy to use website
builder. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.

Always have your stuff/files when you need it with Dropbox.

Sign up for FREE!

Get 2.5 GB plus get total to 18 GB with Referrals.


Payment processors








Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.